The Better Business Initiative empowers our clients to Do Good and Do Well at the same time. With global experience on both sides of the public-private fence and a network that extends across 50 countries, we create products and partnerships to realize social impact.

Private Sector
Public Sector
You're a company that wants to be impactful while meeting your bottomline. You have the innovation and technology to contribute to solving the world's greatest challenges but need a seat at the global decision-making table. 

You're a UN agency and/or NGO and your bottomline is impact. You work tirelessly everyday to solve the world's greatest challenges but you could benefit from innovation and technology  upgrades to strengthen your response. 

BBI Advisors leverage Core Competencies in Humanitarian Aid, Tech, and Marketing to realize Public-Private Partnerships across borders and industries. Check out our project below to see how we Bridge the Divide for Impact all around the world. 

fintech & inclusion

We've advised over 10 FinTech companies on growth and product development in APAC. Check out our latest FinTech Finalist from the Financial Alliance for Women

CLEAN tech& energy

We form strategic partnerships with the United Nations and solar energy companies to bring clean energy to clinics responding to  the Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh

femtech& equality

We've developed a global platform of 10,000+ professional women in 75+ countries -- in partnership with the United Nations and the governments of the UK and US


We've audited United Nations and USAID investments in Climate Change projects across the North Pacific, and advised on subsequent investments leveraging innovation

media tech & DIVERSITY

We advise Growth and Production for Afro-black content streaming service Millennium TV in partnership with Al-Jazeera. Check out this channel telling stories, for us by us

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